Dark Visions of the Future


The Americas, about 49 years into World War III: Trump's presidency was the beginning of a period of dynastic rule of the U.S. by wealthy families. Wal-Mart, during the first decade of WW3, acquired Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and got a supermajority of Wal-Mart shills in Congress and Canadian parliament. The United States, Canada, and the northern parts of Mexico have been turned into the Objectivist Realm of Walton (ORW), divided into the following territories:

  1. Bentonland: Ruled by a royal council of the S. Robson Walton and Jim Walton lineage, Bentonland stretches from what was once known as Louisiana up to the Great Lakes, then over to the Atlantic. This is the primary administrative region of the ORW, with the Bentonland council forming the head of the ORW state. Bentonland manages 43% of the world's finance and around 86% of the Western world's logistics.
  2. Pacifica: Region of the John Walton lineage. The territory stretches from the Western border of Bentonland, down to the ORW's holdings in Mexico, to the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountains. Pacifica is the bread basket and weed baggie of the country, as well as being home to the Transhumanist Arcology of Silicon Valley and its important software industry. Though originally ruled by Christy for a short period, fanatical Lukasites denounced her as a pretender to the throne and assassinated her while she was traveling to a fundraiser on her private hyperloop line. Lukas has since had a long reign, but he has not been seen for years; the popular theory is that he has retreated into hiding with a research team to race to the Singularity before one of his successors murders him.
  3. Cascadia & Borealis: Starting at the Sierra Nevada Mountains and going up through former Canada eastward to Lake Winnipeg, Cascadia is the territory of Ann's lineage. Borealis is the remaining region of former Canada and is the territory of Nancy's lineage. As an important cultural center, Cascadia is home to most of the realm's hipsters. Cascadia and Borealis had a small civil war in 2036 over ownership of the realm's sports teams, so as part of a treaty agreement, they have split them into the East and West divisions.
  4. Texas: A landlocked autonomous zone ruled by Alice Walton, who is now 116 and has no legitimate heir. This has been a libertarian stronghold since Alice decreed that DUI and seatbelt laws were forbidden and male prostitution was legal.

Most of the poorer classes live in Wal-Mart Supercolonies. They are self-contained biodomes supplied with Wal-Mart's flawless automatic logistics system, and Wal-Mart allows to people to become customers in exchange for a pledge of voluntary service. The contract lasts 50 years and does not include access to education, healthcare, or ample leisure time, and the A/C is often broken. Employment is competitive; the stores are usually highly-contested territories, with different parts of the store controlled by entrepreneurial factions, warlords, and tribes. Some of the largest businesses in these cities are faction war voyeur, shopping channels for old people, and the VR e-sports industry. The faction wars and e-sports are both accompanied by displays of nationalism and are often attended by many important Waltons and Kroenkes. Alice is often a celebrity participant in both and has an undefeated record despite her age old habit of sneaking from her flask during the events.

The Waltons and their separate society of quadrillionaires all live in isolated climate change apocalypse shelter domes, like in Big O. This model is prevalent not just in the ORW Empire but also the Kaizen Corporatocracy of Japan (NKK). Japan is ruled by Sumitomo-Toyota General Industries, who partnered with Lockheed-Martin and General Atomics to build a giant robot army to fight World War III against Russia and China.

Though we're not winning WW3, we are in a temporary cease fire, and we have recently taken back Taiwan, as well as a strategic corridor through North Korea. During the ceasefire we have begun hardening our naval positions with swarms of railgun-wielding unmanned surface vehicles, and forming a planned offense from space with orbital bombardment satellites. Soon our capitalist Crusade will be leading our righteous army of disruptive entrepreneur pilots to Hunan, the birthplace of the original Chinese heretic, Mao Zedong.

We are unsure of the future of our great laissez-faire dynasty, but praise be to the Waltons, we will fight until we are completely out of stock to smash the dirigist bureaucratic scum. Our drones are many and our phones the latest, and we will certainly exact our revenge on those bastards for hacking our elections and cutting off our supply of cheap goods.

Fully-automated subscription box consumer capitalism

Capitalists will own fully-automated supply chains that can produce nearly anything you can think of. In order to subsist, we will need to start businesses trying the bottomless cornucopia of consumer products available via the internet and putting them in weekly and monthly subscription boxes, such as Stitch Fix, Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, The Mysterious Package Company and Fuego Box.

Our daily lives will revolve around shopping using borrowed demurrage currency, which becomes worthless after a few days, to buy a variety of products, try them all, then sell them to people who make their living running different subscription box services. This will create a complex, contradictory, and increasingly brittle web of economic alliances, much like the system of military alliances between fiefdoms in late feudalism.

Personally, I will be running Teaboo: a subscription box of fresh gyokuros, kabusechas and senchas from the Shizuoka prefecture, shipped in envelopes made of original cels from popular anime classics such as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and Lupin III. I am currently open to any VCs for round one of seed funding. I will also be starting a kickstarter where subscription preorders will be available for those who enjoy the art of Japanese anime and want to help form a strategic alliance against those pompous patricians at Art of Tea.