1. A playing card that outranks all others (c.16th century);
  2. Big strong business daddy (c.2004);
  3. Literally Hitler (c.2016);
  4. Putin-cucked chief executive (c.2017)

The Democratic Party

Oops, the extremely unpopular war-hawking corporate-friendly political aristocrat lost to a reality TV star whose entire campaign was an endless stream of racist gibbering.
Hey, should we stand up for leftist principles now?
No, let's blame shadowy Russian hackers and keep the unpopular corporate agenda and respectability politics.


Jerks who keep covering up our zines with their zines. Do they even know how gay space communism works?

Libertarian Socialist

  1. British English: Someone who believes in an anti-authoritarian approach to socialism.
  2. American English: Haha what's that? Sounds like an oxymoron


Using violence against people who want to kill minorities is just as bad as wanting to kill minorities. We need to beat them democratically!

Outside Agitator

Anyone who does anything other than marching, leafleting, and fundraising for sensible, realistic, democratic reform.


The best way to solve a problem caused by pumping too many chemicals into the air is to carry out a megascale experiment pumping chemicals into the air!

Generation Eschaton

The generation that comes after millennials.


  1. Statesmen involved with creating international governance to manage the global state of capital (20th century).
  2. Evil jew bankers with supervillain money powers that control everything and took your job away and love murdering babies with Hillary Clinton (21st century).