• Cuck

    Anyone who isn't currently vomiting white supremacy all over everyone. Pinochet-loving tough guys think it makes them sound real bad-ass. I think the rest of us can agree they sound like chickens.
  • Fascist

    Someone with the foul, authoritarian opinion that nazis and white supremacists should not be welcomed to march around town; Anyone who uses violence. Anti-fascists are the real fascists, maaaaaan!
  • Pig

    A pale-skinned, slightly hairy mammal of near-human intelligence. Liberals think they're cute and cuddly, and would never consider living without them.
  • Gun control

    Wealth redistribution to cops.
  • Technocracy

    The fanciful idea that money would be fine as long as it were based on energy, and authoritarianism would be fine as long as the authorities were nerds.
  • Millennial

    Entitled, militant anti-capitalists who prostrate themselves by stubbornly choosing not to spend all the superfluous money they definitely have on doing what they want.
  • Straw Man

    I don't really know, but I know that if I repeat it until you give up, I win the argument.
  • All Lives Matter

    All lives, from conception to birth, then skipping ahead to my age group, who are well-off and educated, do not express sympathy with any political movements or ideas I disagree with, are ethnically European, born in this country, and are not targeted by police or government agency or other people like me, matter. Sort of.
  • Trump

    Oh, you anarchos thought people would stop buying into electoral politics if they just could just see how fraudulent and ridiculous they were? Watch this mediocre capitalist and dumb-guy TV personality act like Hitler, and run against yet another corporate cultist who will benefit from an overtly rigged system starting in the primaries. Then weep, fools, as people become more impassioned by electoral politics than ever!