1. Problematic: A fantastic, futuristic new device that allows you to call someone or something out, without even being able to describe what's wrong with it.
  2. Donuts: Twitter democrats who identify with… [squints] making fun of a leftist politician who was kept out of the DNC with a strike-breaking tactic?
  3. Jabroni: Someone who willingly loses to capitalists in the hope of being rewarded.
    Jabroni Science: The science of losing to capitalism in the hope of reward; see also: Economics
  4. Personal Responsibility: As individuals with free will, we are responsible for our own actions and shouldn't just blame our problems on others.
    Leftists, feminists, black lives matter, abortionists, muslims, immigrants, antifa, cuckservatives, the deep state, degenerates, and millennials would do well to learn this, because they're ruining my country.
    See also: What Happened by Hillary Clinton
  5. Whoop whoop: Assent with one's comrades.

Antifa: An Acrostic

  • A: Anti-fascism is morally correct.
  • N: No fascists, please.
  • T: Take your fascist threats and get in the sea with them.
  • I: I'm going to punch you fascists if you don't fuck off!
  • F: Fuck you, that's it!
  • A: Uh, both sides are actually the same.