WeeHands: A New Sharing Economy App for Parents

Earn extra money by renting out your unused children!

Many parents in today's economy are crushed by poverty. They live in neighborhoods where the cost of living is high and the quality of education is low. College degrees are being devalued through overeducation, but experience is more valuable than ever. Instead of all that worthless and expensive time at school, your children could be earning money for your family, as well as gaining real job experience for their resume. All you have to do is download WeeHands, a new app on all major mobile platforms.

Once you've downloaded the app, you can search your local area for WeeWork, tasks put up by other users for your children to do. If your children know how to fold laundry, cut grass, clean toilets, or use power tools, they can start earning money right away. If your children needs training, we offer WeeWorkShares, where a more experienced WeeWorker can train them to accomplish new goals. WeeHands also includes Uber and Lyft integration, so your wee one can call a rideshare cab to go to their WeeWork.

Start earning more and preparing your child for their future today! Download WeeHands for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Sign up takes only minutes, but the experience lasts a lifetime.

Paid for by WeeHands, LLC.
WeeHands takes a 10% brokerage fee for connecting WeeWorkers with taskers. WeeHands, LLC does not pay taxes on behalf of WeeWorkers. WeeHands claims liability only for incidents which occur during the performance of WeeWork. WeeWorkShares are not a replacement for vocational schools or apprenticeships. Experience gained through WeeWork is not guaranteed to increase future employability.