Issues of Post-Scarcity Anarchism

Volume 5

Sep 2017
We are now well into the reign of the oldest, dumbest, fattest president. Much more radical discussion has been in the mainstream than in years past. What are truly radical goals we should have?
Also features a primer on understanding political economy.

Volume 4

Jan 2017
The post-election issue. What does this election mean for democracy? Is there really a way to move beyond capitalism and markets? Who do we blame for this, and what should we do now?

Volume 3

Jul 2016
Volume 3 proposes that we treat politics and capitalism more realistically than we may do now. Discusses animal rights, veganism, and how those can be re-interpeted using social ecology. Studies the Dada movement and its relationship to anarchism.

Volume 2

Jul 2015
Our sophomore issue contains an article by Janet Biehl and an examination of Bookchin's views. Proposes objective moral principles on which to justify leftist theft of productive citizens through taxation.

Volume 1

Mar 2015
Our first issue. Discusses post-scarcity, the commons, aquaponics, and Work.